In Bulk

For all products offered by Bee Propolis Brasil, both in the Extract line and also in Honey, we supply the customer in a formatIn Bulk, that is, in bulk, which are sold in buckets, spools and also drums.

Products sold In Bulk, in large quantities, they are common in many industries, from the beverage sector to food, such as Bee Propolis Brasil.

The main advantage of this purchase is the lower price per unit, as it is sold in large quantities, allowing better negotiation for our customers.

With the purchase of our products in In Bulk, and therefore, by carrying out your own bottling and production, you can:

  • Purchase products at a lower price, due to the large quantity obtained;
  • Reduce the impact of waste, as selling in bulk can also help eliminate the need for individual packaging for each product;
  • Have more usage options: By purchasing bee products in bulk, consumers have more flexibility to use the product in various recipes and applications.
  • Being sustainable: selling bee products in bulk can also be a more sustainable option, as it eliminates the need for plastic packaging or other non-biodegradable materials.

Are you interested in making your own production of both Honey and Propolis Extract? Do contact and negotiate directly with our sellers to purchase a high quality product at a low cost

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