A little about our team

Many already know that we are a reference in the beekeeping market and pioneers in the private label market, but what few know and that must always be highlighted is that all of this is only possible thanks to our team, as we believe that a large organization should operate similarly to a hive, where each function has its due importance and must be extremely valued, since a hive only exists if all the bees work with excellence, always remaining together.

The importance of companies caring about their employees is closely linked to their long-term survival and success. Therefore, so that each person in our hive is always motivated and engaged, we create a pleasant and inclusive work environment, where everyone feels valued and respected, generating a positive impact on the well-being of our employees.

We offer benefits and development programs, such as training, health plans, personal and professional development programs. We have open and above all transparent communication, allowing everyone to express their opinions and concerns, helping to build a more trustworthy and positive relationship between the company and its employees. We provide employees with the flexibility they need to balance their personal and professional responsibilities, improving each person's productivity. We value and recognize the work of employees through feedback and incentives, favoring the engagement of each team, in addition to generating a more positive organizational climate at Bee Propolis Brasil.

Every year, Bee Propolis Brasil receives up to 20 students, extensionists and interns, from technical and higher education courses in the areas of Food Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Production Engineering and Administration. Students carry out research, investigation and interview work, academic papers and articles. Technical visits are also carried out, which contributes to the training of future professionals and opens the company's doors to their first professional experience. We maintain firm partnerships with several educational establishments, such as schools, technical schools, institutes and universities, especially in the Central-West region of Minas Gerais

Bee Propolis Brasil rigorously carries out safety, hygiene and occupational health actions, through the PPRA (Environmental Risk Prevention Program) and the PCMSO (Occupational Health Medical Program). Furthermore, we have an Internal Control Committee for Accident Prevention (CIPA), which guarantees monitoring of sanitary, food and safety conditions, thus providing an extremely pleasant and safe working environment for our employees.

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